Digital counter for permit application Program ?Aan de Slag met de Omgevingswet?

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Digital System for the Environment Act

The new Environment law (Omgevingswet) will be introduced in 2021, which regulates how citizens and businesses must apply for permits and make notifications for activities in their environment. For example, building a dormer window, cutting down trees, expanding business premises, etc.

This net law should provide that in the future fewer rules will be needed, there will be more room for initiatives and the administrative burden for these types of applications will be reduced. The new Environment Act is supported by a digital system.


Part of the Digital System for the Environment Act is a new digital counter. This will allow users - governments, initiators and stakeholders - to find information about the rules that apply at a specific location and to submit and process a permit application or notification.

The rules come from the municipalities, provinces, regional water authorities and the government. The subprogram that develops the digital system consists of a large number of projects. Two of these are User applications which we are working on, and the project Applicable rules that plays an important role in the first project.

What did we do?

These projects contribute to the new digital counter where citizens and companies can apply for permits from the various governmental organizations. The counter receives a generic part that presents questions to the user based on the legal rules in so-called question trees. West cooperates on a staffing construction in the program ?Aan de Slag met de Omgevingswet?, which among other things develops the Digital System Environment Act (DSO).


Various techniques are used for the project, including React / Redux, Java and Docker.


The relevant rules are supplied by the earlier mentioned project, Applicable Rules, in machine-readable form. In addition, services are being developed that allow IT suppliers to connect different systems to the digital system.